Like generations of women in my family, I started sewing my own clothes to gain freedom in both the style and fit of my clothing. And being an engineer, I couldn't help but bring an analytical, data-driven approach to both fashion design and manufacturing. 

Hautefit is the story of me founding a clothing brand for two reasons.

The first is to create clothing with an elevated, modern, high fashion aesthetic that empowers us to walk into any room with the confidence to be seen, heard, and be our authentic selves. All while not sacrificing comfort or practicality. That's the "Haute" part of "Hautefit."

The second is to use data and technology to evolve outdated and problematic garment sizing in the clothing industry.  Sizing "standards" based on incomplete, non-diverse, non-representative population sampling have resulted in everything from poor fit to body shaming. In the future, the only garment size will be a technology-enabled custom fit, uniquely fit to each unique body. That's the "fit" part of "Hautefit."

In short, Hautefit is where high style meets real-world fit.

We are woman founded and owned. We believe in using innovation to overcome challenges. We believe in living with a deep sense of community and our connectedness to each other. And we design, architect, and engineer to EMPOWER.


Neda, Founder & CEO